The Shade House

The unique and breathtaking Shade House is one of the Park’s most iconic features, offering a cooler atmosphere and fantastic views of the park from two viewing platforms to study and explore a broad collection of shade-loving palm trees, cycads and other warm climate forest species. The structure, which is over 40 meters in length and 30meters high, has an East to West orientation to minimise morning and late afternoon heat gain.

Over 30 plant species can be found within the Shade House, which is designed to perfectly orientate to specific compass directions; North, South, East and West, supporting concepts of passive cooling and shading to enable these species to thrive in the open air environment. The louvers which form the structure’s facade regulate the sunlight and overall pattern of shade within the Shade House. Thus, helping to control the temperature of the internal environment without any artificial air conditioning.

Special Offer

Silver Card: AED200 giving the cardholder or their immediate family members 25 entry tickets
Gold Card: AED499 giving the cardholder alone unlimited entry tickets over a 12 month period